Monday, January 20, 2014

When dogs Fly by Morris

I have no idea what was going on in HER pea-brained head on Sunday.  SHE said, 'Morris, want to go for a walk?'

Are you kidding me?  Walk?  Run? Eat rabbit pellets and 'water' everything I can find to make yellow snow?
I'm like count me in!

I did not however count on HER allowing Dixie to come along.

I mean she is HUGE!  She has to weigh at least 4 times as much as me.  I weigh like 12 pounds.
She is somewhere around that 40lb weight.

She is a big lug.  She has no idea how big she is.

Come on.  Would you want THIS to be charging at you in the snow?

Well I had no idea that the snow was so deep.
I had to snow swim if I went off HER and Dixie's trail.  The snow was up to HER knees which is above my head.

At least SHE waited for me and then gave me a lift when I asked for it.

I mean...look at this face, could YOU refuse me?  
I don't think so!

We had a wonderful walk.  SHE even took some video of us playing.  Well, me trying to avoid Dixie and Dixie trying her best to annoy me.

But I have to say.
Dixie was very polite.
She never chewed on me, she didn't knock me down, and she always asked permission to get close and in my face.

I am so glad I trained her last year!

You never know when it is helpful to have a huge hound dog break trail for you.
Besides, isn't she magnificent?  
I really think some dogs can fly!

If only those ears were bigger!


  1. Not a bad thing to have some sizable friends:)

  2. Lovely to see Dixie again, what a sweetie!