Tuesday, January 14, 2014

She can't do it without me. By Morris

Should the Grumpy ol' Guy really trust HER out in the woods by herself?  I think not.  I'm sure he is secretly glad that I go along and keep an eye on her.

And keep an eye out for Coyotes, Bears, Grizzlies, Pterodactyls, Mountain Lions, Wild 'possum, and the such like.

You think I am kidding?

I am always investigating tracks.

I mean look at the tracks here on the ice.  Made by a 2 toed prehistoric creature.  SHE says it was a deer.  Little does SHE know.
I did find deer and rabbit pellets and secretly took magic smart pills to enhance my awareness of all the dangers one kind find in the forest.

SHE on the other hand, took pictures.

I waited by patiently as possible, guarding her against all nasty forces and creepy things that can be found in this forest.

See my tracks from pacing back and forth watching for monsters and such?  Once the wind blew [that's what SHE said] and made trees moan.  Uh huh.  I saw bushes move and got the hair up on my back .... I growled and backed up right into HER and her tripod camera thing.

When the crisis was over I ate some nasty stuff and enjoyed her hollers of 'Icky Icky!'  I like doing that to her.

We traveled quite a ways down the valley.  SHE found some water falls to take pictures of.  I don't get the big deal over that, but SHE seems to like it a lot.

So I watched carefully.  I was suspicious of what might be happening on the hillside above us.

After much 'shooting' with HER camera, she packed everything up and we started back towards home.  Now I was not concerned in the least with anything but finding the trail home to make sure SHE got there safely and that I got a nice warm cozy place to lay on.

At one point I had to stop and turn around.  SHE looked like she could be lost.  The underbrush is quite thick and sometime the deer trail is hard to find.
I follow the deer pellets.  

IF SHE were my size she wouldn't always have to struggle when things got thick now would SHE?

Come on, this way!  

When we got to the open field I was able to run on top of the ice crust again.  There was a clear path to home from her snow shoes so I decided to take off and run.

When I got home I was pretty tired.  You know my age in dog years is something like 58 yrs old.  Almost the same age as SHE is.  Whoops, probably shouldn't have made that public.

Anyway, I got a nice clean blanket to lay on while SHE went out to do some farm work.
I got sick all over her blanket.
I guess some of that icky stuff wasn't so great after all.

SHE came in and just shook her head at me.
I gave her the innocent look.

Sure would be nice to have another dog, or maybe a house cat to blame THAT on!

Oh yeah.
SHE did get a 'nice' picture of the water falling.  I am fairly sure that she could NOT have done it without my help.
Pterodactyls, Bears, Coyotes, Grizzlies, Cougars and other such wildlife knew to stay away while I was on patrol.


  1. Oh, Morris, thank goodness SHE has you. There's just no telling what kind of trouble SHE would get into without your protection.

    I dub thee "Saint Morris."

  2. You're absolutely right Morris, those pterodactyls are really a problem. Good thing she's got you to keep her safe and on the right path.

  3. SHE definitely couldn't do without you little Morris, who would look after her so well? Keep guarding your precious companion!