Thursday, January 23, 2014

JWildfire has a new release!

These two images were created with JWildfire new release.  I used Layerz to combine 2 fractals and then put them together and render them.
The other choice is to do separate flames and then layer them in photoshop.  But I did enjoy this newer feature.

One of the things I like to do when it is frigid...frigid outside is mess around with colors and fractal programs.

JWildfire is continously changing and improving, thanks to Andreas Maschke's hard work.
I don't pretend to understand how it works at all.  But I know I can get lost just messing around in the program.  You can download it at his site and it doesn't cost a thing.
I suggest looking at the tutorials on his site also.
The best information can be found at the Facebook site called JWildfire Open Group.
On that site a person has access to all sorts of tutorials and wonderful flames to work with that can be downloaded in the files section.

Unlike Mandelbulb 3D which also has a site on FB called Mandelbulb Maniacs, it is a 'flame' based fractal imaging program.

I sometimes create an image in JWildfire and use it for a color map for a Mandelbulb or a backround for an image created in Incendia.

The flames in the backround of the above image was created in another interesting program called
Flame Painter by Escape Motions.

So when it is -12 out with a 15mph wind...[this means really really cold], and I cannot get out to do any nature photography, this is what I like to do to offset the winter doldrums.

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