Friday, December 20, 2013

Naughty or Nice?

Christmas is right around the corner.
It is an interesting time of year.
Have you been Naughty or Nice?  

The weather can make it very delightful to stay home and not battle the iced or snowy and hazardous roads.

What are you doing for Christmas?  Traveling?  Staying at home?  Do you have family arriving?

Christmas Day at our place is generally for quiet celebration.  One of the things I love to do is take a Christmas Day Ride on my favorite mule.

This was taken many years ago.  Badger's first Christmas with us.  The weather was so cold that my husband snapped this through the window.

I am certainly not qualified to discuss the religious aspects of Christmas so I'm not even going there in any post.

However I do like getting together with my family near Christmas.  I've seen my oldest son and his wife, my mom, and then my youngest son, his wife, and the girls just last week when I traveled to Wausau.

This week we are traveling to another daughter's house if the weather holds on Christmas Eve.

I love the Holidays also for all the beautiful decorations.
By the way the first photo is of packages under my Christmas Chair.  The mittens were made years ago by my Grandmother.  I love to use them as decorations or hang them on my tree.

Packages make for great photographic opportunities.  This is my first shot with the Nikkor 40mm prime lens.  

So, where ever you are and what ever you do for the upcoming Holiday, stay safe and enjoy.



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  1. Love that picture of you riding in the snow! What a great idea. Alas we have only rain and bundles of it... it's going to be a muddy Christmas. BUT it will be filled with family, friends, our wonderful muleteer gang and lots of fun. I am such a big kid at this time of year and love all the traditions, thankfully I have a few days off work now so I can get down to the wrapping, baking and tidying.

    Very best wishes for a wonderful Christmas to you and all your gang :-) xxx


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