Monday, December 30, 2013

Let's run and play by Morris

I like to run.
Run, run, run.
Sniff, sniff.

I like to eat deer and rabbit pellets.  That is what SHE calls them, she also hollers ICKY!

I love to hear that.
They are really 'smart' pills you see.  SHE does not understand that at all.
People, what do you do with them?

I mean they don't have the incredible taste buds that we do.  Um, dogs of course.  We can smell things that are absolutely divine to us, but horrid to them.

Never mind.
In the winter there isn't much really good ICK to find.  I mean most things are frozen.
Like the dead deer that was partly eaten by coyotes.  It wasn't smelly but it was very interesting.

SHE told me to leave it alone.
Sour puss.

Instead we hiked through the creek bottom and I watched her take some pictures.  She even tried one of both of us that turned out all fuzzy.

When we got back up into the meadow I did some major 'snow plowing'.  It was great.

I loved it.
Dogs should take their people walking as much as possible.

Maybe one day I can convince her to actually try some of those 'smart' pellets.

After all.
SHE could get smart like me!


  1. Oh Morris you smart dog you! Those pellets are truly delicious, even The Mini likes eating sheep pellets.... come to think of it maybe we shouldn't persuade the humans to eat them? There might not be any left for us!

  2. I just caught up! Morris is adorable and I am WILD about your photos of the cows!!!! Top shelf!

  3. Good thing she's got you to keep her in line Morris.