Sunday, December 01, 2013


Well I have insomnia.  It is quite regular.
I think it is a product of my crazy schedule I have through work at times.

Sometimes I work a day shift, then 24 to 36 hrs later I can be working an all night shift.
My sense of day and night and when the body and mind need to shut down get all messed up.

The times it really gets to me though are those times when I don't work for a few days.

Those days I try to follow normal sleep patterns.  Yet 4 hours is generally the most I will get in one deep sleep.
I awaken and sometimes can get back to sleep, other times I just lay there and fidget.

I wonder now if I have 'learned insomnia'.  It has been going on for such a long time that I worry about falling to sleep on normal nights.

On those nights or days when I've worked a long shift, I can usually fall asleep with no problems and sometimes even sleep up to 6 hours.

So here I am thinking about sleep and not getting to I do the worst possible thing.

I boot up a laptop and browse the internet.
I should just be reading a good book and sitting quietly on the couch.

 Sweet dreams.


  1. I used to have insomnia so bad I though it would be the end of me. I finally started listening to audiobooks in bed just so I could at least get some rest. I found that if I listened to a story that I already knew, I would drift off. The story was just enough to shut off my brain without keeping me awake itself. It was a Godsend, you might want to give it a try. You can download audiobooks free from the library these days.

  2. Good idea. I have that capability I think on my Kindle!

  3. Oh I can totally sympathise! Hope you get some good quality sleep soon :-)

  4. Sleep at night and stay awake in the day time. That's how we function effectively. It it important to sleep at night because it is the time when we get lots of cosmic energy.

    Finn Felton

  5. Thank you, Kopi, I work night shifts and day shifts in the same week so that makes things a bit different for me.
    So I have to stay up all night when I am scheduled to do so.


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