Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas in a small town.

This is the first thing you think of when you think of Christmas.
Good Will.
Good Will towards others.

Peace on Earth.
All that.

So I decided to go for a nice snowy walk and enjoy the snowfall and my new camera by exploring the huge 'town' of Readstown.

I went by the swings, which looked so lonely in the heavy snowfall.  The playground looked so empty.

There was the gazebo all decorated.  And I found a creepy looking snow man next to it.
He/she didn't mean to be creepy looking, but that is how it appeared to me.

Stephen King move over ... I found the new IT.

Now creepy looking snow men/women with frozen 'snot' give me the heeby jeebies.

No matter, the town was quiet.  I mean quiet as in no movement anywhere. 

I literally walked down the highway and did not encounter traffic.

This is really a pretty little town.
It isn't large...I think the stats are something like 410 people with an address here.
Probably less than 200 in the actual village though.

 Yet I enjoyed my snowy Christmas Day walk through the village square.

With the snow fall, it was quite peaceful and beautiful.

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