Friday, December 13, 2013

Morris on Posing ~~ Will work for Cookies.

Quit sticking that camera in my face.

I don't care what kind of camera it is or what you want to do with it.

I could tell you where to stick it.

But I won't.

I'm a very poor model.  I don't like to sit still and I am usually curious.
I don't do 'STAY!' very well either.

So SHE has to work very hard at getting a decent photo.
SHE has also figured out that I will 'track' a cookie visually.

Like when she holds one way up high!


When I just say nuts and decide to not cooperate any more.

In the end, SHE always seems to get the job done somehow.

Last year I even liked the Christmas Photo she did of me!

Eventually she got it right...

I like this year's shot also.  But I am not allowed to show it until after those certain kids get my card...SHE says it would spoil it for them if they saw it now!


PS~ You'll note in the first and last shot, my eyes aren't all washed out.
That is because SHE has to fix them.  
People get red eyes in a flash, dogs get blue or some sort of green eye.  

Oh yeah.
The cookies were most excellent.


  1. Oh my goodness Morris, could you get any cuter? Even if it is all about the cookies! Thanks for making us smile :-)

  2. My favorite is the close up with the scarf. What a sweetheart!