Saturday, December 21, 2013

Conversation with Lily

I went out of town last week to visit my youngest son and his little family.

Lily is 9 years old today.
If you where ever lucky enough to get to meet her, you simply would not forget her.

She is a very serious but funny and clever young lady who adores her little sister very much.

Change Elena's diaper and feed her?  She tries to get to it before anyone else can.

While we were working on decorating a Ginger bread man, I asked her what grade she was in.

"3rd," she replied quietly.
"I heard you got a good report card."
"Yes.  I guess I did."  Lily goes back to working on her Gingerbread man.
As any grandma does,...I asked.
"How do you like school?"
Shrug of the shoulders. 
"It is okay," she replies.  "The kids sort of picked on me because I go to some special classes."
"Oh yeah?"
She grins.  "Yeah.  They said I was dumb and then I asked them what was so dumb about having to go to 4th grade and 5th grade classes for reading, science, and math?  I like math."

Dumfounded I sit back and watch her continue to work on her Gingerbread man.
Indeed, what is so dumb about that?


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  1. Smart kid! Love this conversation - it made me smile :-)


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