Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thelma & Louise ~ hiking with hound pups

Thelma and Louise are getting bigger.
I didn't really feel like it but I took them for a walk yesterday along with Morris.

Things I've learned while taking two large hound pups for a walk.
You simply cannot squat down to take a photo of a plant without getting one or two noses stuck in your face...
or your glasses knocked off by exuberant pups.

You have to wait for them to be distracted.  Then grab a shot.

Young pups think dead things are great.  In fact Louise took it as her sworn duty to find two carcasses of raccoons [coyote kills] and bring them to me.  She trotted, head held high, the nasty stuff swinging from her mouth.

I thanked her as she'd really done nothing wrong and the fact that she did not growl or act aggressive in any manner when I took it from her was commendable.  This is a trait that is looked for in hound dogs.

Morris led them on a merry chase when we were on the hill road.  Morris can still out maneuver them with his tight corners and small stature.  Thelma and Louise would overshoot and have to make wide turns.

Other items I learned with them.  Let them think they are lost when they get out of your sight.  Louise is a wanderer.  Twice she got out of sight in the underbrush, distracted by something.
Suddenly she realized she was alone and yelped.

Morris and Thelma stood next to me, wagging their tails.
I let Louise track me, which she eventually did each time.

But she did pose for me in the classic hound dog way...
We came home...all of us exhausted.  I think Morris is still trying to recover.
Although I'm sure he'd be game if I put on my 'woods' clothes and boots!


  1. Hounds are an enigma to me. But you certainly seem to have their attention! Very interesting post. And the shot of Louise 'treeing' is fantastic.

  2. Hounds are extremely smart, intelligent, and so forth. Think of them as somewhat the same as a Labrador only not retrievers.

    They have such wonderful temperaments, their drawback I suppose is the big loud chopping bark they have when they do bark.


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