Saturday, March 24, 2012

Just another day in Paradise

Okay, well I don't really live in paradise.  But sometimes I think my little 'hollow' is just the perfect place to be.

Yesterday I awoke, after a long 'night' shift...I felt foggy in the head and a bit disoriented.  I thought I should go for a small stroll and see how things were shaping up in the forest. 
All the trees are begining to bud, which is amazing for March.
Yet part of me is concerned.
This is Wisconsin after all and we have freezes up until June in this area.

I walked out to the summer meadow and was delighted to see that the maples and poplars were also budding.  They bud in the colors that the leaves exhibit in the fall.

The grass is rapidly turning green, plants are begining to sprout.  I did not find any fern curls nor did I find May Flowers ...these flowers must occur when the soil temperatures are just right.

My hubby worked with the skid steer.  We are still cleaing up the mess from the wind and rainstorm of 2007.
He built a bonfire.

We leaned against the trees until the 'hoot' owls called through the dark.
I went to the house and went to sleep with the faint odor of woods smoke in the air.

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