Monday, March 05, 2012

Mandelbulb 3D Parameters

What is a parameter anyway?

As best I can understand it, it is a mathematical formula that allows for shapes in such programs that I've used as:
Mandelbulb 3D
Apophysis 7X
Incendia EX

These are software programs or rendering 3D type formations.  Parameters however can be used in other programs.
Since I am not an expert in parameters, we'll have to let it go at that.

Although I discovered that 'parameters' are indeed pretty handy.  Take for insistance a parameter that I developed quite by accident by moving a given parameter in Incendia.

At first I came up with this:
I thought it would be fun to see what other images I could create with the very same parameter.

My second go:

My third go:
You can get other parameters for these type of creations from many sources on the internet.
A good place to start is deviantArt.  Often Artists will give you the parameters to make your own unique creation.

Use the ones that are provided with the download.  You can create many colors and variations on any parameter.
After getting used to the program you can even develop your own color maps to add a bit of flair and interesting-ness to your Mandelbulbs.

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