Monday, March 26, 2012

Fly like the Wind

Sunday evening was upon us.
I didn't want to let the nice day end without something special occuring.

I'd been busy all day, currying mules and cleaing them.  Then everyone on the property except the Dexter Cattle got wormed.

It was getting towards dusk.
I had a need, a want, a desire.

I needed my 'mule ride' fix.  [Okay equine .. fix, it doesn't matter if it is a mule, a horse, or a donkey!]

Opal came to me.
She actually nickered.  Surprise!  This from the mule who still dislikes 'most' people.  I put the most in there, because she now considers me 'her' human.  Worthy of trust.
Siera and Sunshine...along with Badger came to the fence to protest my choice of ride.

They brayed.  'Take me! Not her!'

I laughed and off we rode into the the twilight.  Opal sensed my mood.
I brought no camera, .. how unusual!  But it was too dark anyway.

We went headlong into the forest down a muddy slippery deer trail.  Opal's step was fast, I found myself ducking branches as we wove through the trees.
It was getting hard to see so I pointed her towards an area to cross a steep ravine.  I thought it was the trail we always used.
It wasn't.
We slid to the bottom.
I looked up and realized that I was looking at a 10 ft climb with no trail.  In effect a wall with an overhang.

Opal never hesitated.  I admit, I grabbed the saddle horn and left the rest to her.  Yeah, I had a butt pucker.  But...BUT, I trusted her.
She climbed in lunges, somewhat like a goat.

We topped the ravine.

We scrambled out of the woods and onto the ridgetop.  The clouds were turning purples.
I leaned slightly forward and asked her without speaking...
*Can we fly Opal?  I want to fly!*

We galloped like the wind.
I felt free, exhilarated.  Like a bird with wings...we flew.  Her hooves pounded the ridge and we sang as one.

If you have never done this, you can only imagine.  We flew.
We were free.

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  1. Anonymous6:41 AM

    Awesome! We need more!
    Keep your critters healthy.


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