Saturday, April 30, 2011

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

I'm usually out and about walking these hills and forest lands nearly every day in all kinds of weather.
I think this is the first time in ages that I've not walked in the woods for a whole week.

But losing Cheyanne and the fairly awful weather this week did put a damper on things.

But on the last nice day we had this April I did get out with Morris and seek out some of my favorite wildflowers of spring.

Since I've become infatuated with the woodland wildflowers, it seems the run of the mill 'domestic' flowers don't have as much interest for me any more.

It really does seem more fun to walk in the woods and seek out the beautiful flowers that grow here naturally than to look at the daffodils and other 'tame' flowers that I have.

Virginia Spring Beauty:
See how small???
Blood Root:

Red Cup Fungi and Maidenhair Fern Curls:
Rue Anenome:
A few days of warm weather and then the most exciting time of all...
Morel Mushroom hunting time!

I can't wait.

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