Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Incendia Review ~ Free 3d Fractal Software

Well right now it is free.

But the possibilities are endless and the fractals really do appear as if they are 3D.

Incendia was developed by a person who goes by Aexion. Tutorials and other useful and wonderful galleries can be seen at Aexion on deviantART.

In fact deviantART.com is an excellent place to find tutorials written on not just fractal programs but those for photoshop and other programs also.

I love this program, it does take up most of the memory of your average computer to render a file, but the wait is well worth it.

I've only touched the tip of this program and have done the simple things.

Its ease of use is great. You can simply load a parameter and click on 'New Fractal' until you get something pleasing....

or you can explore all the ways to personally create something exotic and fun.

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