Thursday, April 14, 2011

Getting Close to the End of my Winter Book

Spring is bursting forth in the woods with each warmer day.

I had decided this fall to try and do a sequel to the book I made in 2009 called 'The Enchanted Forest' which was a photo book of the forest and interesting things I found from March to November of 2009.

I learned a lot about the woods, wild flowers, and myself. I enjoyed researching the plants and flowers I found and including little 'blurbs' of thoughts in the book.

It was a fine project.
So when I decided to take on the winter in the woods, it seemed like an easy task to do.
After all, I'd done something similar already correct?

I wasn't prepared for how I felt in the winter woods.

Sculptures of snow and ice.
Death, bones, wicked temperatures... feeling like I was an intruder in the forest ...
bright sunny gorgeous lively moments.

Moments of
AH Hah!

Nor was I prepared to be disappointed at the end of the winter. The end of snow and ice.

After all, who in their right mind enjoys bundling up and slugging their way through 2 feet of snow?
I did.

But all things must change and all things keep moving on.

So I began my Winter journey with a story about why oak trees keep their leaves.
I'll end the book when the Mighty Oak trees bud out with new leaves this spring and push off the dead ones.

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