Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We can get along...

Some Mules do not get along with dogs. But they can be trained to do so.
I wasn't sure about Opal.

In her previous life, it had been rumored that she had been 'hunted off from' and after all she is a champion 'coon jumping mule'. [This means she can jump very high over fences and other barriers from a stand still.]

Morris loves to go on jaunts with me in the woods.
He and Badger are incredibly good buddies.
I wanted to see if Opal and Morris would get along.

But for me to ride in the woods, it just doesn't seem to be much fun unless Morris gets to go along.

So this is what I found out.

Morris's presence seemed to sooth Opal's anxiety about being away from the farm.
She stood quieter.
[Opal does not like to stand still unless she is very tired]

She waited patiently while I called for Morris and stared at me as if I had two heads when I got down on my knees and took photos of the first 'pinks' coming up out of the Forest Floor!

She and I are slowly getting used to each other.
She is a fine mule, but a LOT different than the laid back, slacker of a mule, that Badger is.
She walks like she is all business, but I have found out that as we walk away from home [typical mule...], she does walk a bit slower and I have time to look around.

My joy is that she likes having Morris along.
She doesn't mind him walking in between her feet.
Thank you Opal for being a wonderful alternate!

On a side note. Badger is doing well. We did go out twice last week for short rides. He can't do hard long hills and needs to stop and rest. We go very slow and enjoy ourselves.

I however need an alternate ride to Badger. Opal is about 28ish years old.

Opal is well broke and a very stable mule.
We are learning and exploring each other ~ it is a brand new adventure to look forward to.

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