Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Spring Journey with Badger

True as ever Badger seemed eager to get out and take a ride.
As much as I was looking forward to it.

The plan goes like this.
On good days, when his COPD or ROA are not too bad, we do go for easy rides.
This day was a good day, even though it was overcast and cold.

Badger actually nearly...almost...
sort of...
kind of...
spooked at this trailer thing that was dragged onto the edge of the woods.
Perhaps as he was thinking, there was something evil and nasty in there that I did not
know about
it was his divine and heroic duty
get me away from there.

He did a 45 degree turn on a dime and then stared back at the offensive thing.

Perhaps the ugly thing offended his 'mule sense' of beauty.

Of course, that was it.
We found red lobed hepatica, trying to open after the heavy snow fall and melt.
We also found Horsetail grass coming up in the bottom near the creek.
Badger munched while I took photos.

....and then the great treat!
Marsh Marigold, the only yellow in the forest. This flower is usually found much later in the spring, but it is in a 'warm spring' that comes out of a hillside.

Our ride was quiet.
Badger did very well.
I think he was happy, yet disappointed when I put him back in his paddock.

He stared at me with soulful eyes while I put our riding gear away.

His COPD is doing much better this spring, though it may be due to the dampness we've had.


  1. Your Badger rides always put a smile on my face. Feeling good enough to spook ... that's a good sign.

  2. A half hearted spook at best. Used to be he could do a 180 and sometimes I'd sit it out and sometimes I'd be standing on the ground next to him!

  3. Glad to hear he is feeling a little better!!! Spooking seems to be a bit of a mixed blessing this time ahah. He reminds me soo much of my uncles old mule, Jack. Ohh what a creative name. not.


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