Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just Do It

I haven't had much to 'blog' about as my days have been fairly boring.
When I got back from Virginia, my work schedule was demanding and I had to go for Firearms training and State Re-qualifications.

That is over and I'm good for another year.

Daily deluges of rainfall and severe storms have hampered my woodland adventures and put quite a damper on riding.
Yesterday though, I had a window of opportunity.

I grabbed my camera and Morris began to literally 'spin' inside the house. He was nearly inside out with excitement.
Adventure Time!

We started out under gray threatening skies, everything was still wet because it was so humid.

Morris ran excited laps around me until we got into the gelding's pasture and then he took off through the underbrush. I could hear him running, stopping, sniffing...and of course doing the guy thing of marking all of his territory.

When we reached the creek bottom, the sun came out and blasted us with heat.
No problem for Morris as he just waded right in to cool himself off.
We walked up out of the creek and 'brush busted' through wild rose bushes and heavy berry briers.
Morris discovered some ripe black berries.

Yes, he really does pick them and eat them!

Home again.
Just before the storm hit with 3/4" of rain in minutes.
The lightening was frightening.

But after the skies cleared, it was quite beautiful and dramatic.
I think this week will be a challenge with the bizarre 'upside' down hours, but I think I'm going to have to get out when I can...

I just gotta 'do it'.


  1. My pup, Nana, eats berries too. She always gets the ripest ones.

    You pictures are lovely. We have had nothing but storms in central Iowa. My hayfield is close to flooding again.

    Keep up those great pictures.

  2. hay fields are bad all over! lots of hay blown down with oats last night.

    i know you have been getting bad storms as i've been watching those storms.

    thanks for the compliment!

  3. Glad that you and Morris got "out"!
    The good thing about your weather .... it has given you spectacular clouds and great lighting. Your last two posts have been especially colorful sky-wise.
    When I lived in Northern California my parents had a dog (Terrier-Hound mix). We called him Huckleberry Hound because he loved to pick and eat his own berries. Maybe it's characteristic of those Terriers?

  4. I thought originally that Morris was the only dog to do this...wonderful to find out that this is not so!