Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Go out and Play...

That is what my husband calls it.

As if I am a child.
He does not mean it in a bad way, but a good way.

He knows how much just getting out of the house and into the woods means to me.
In fact, if I don't get out.
I can get crabby.

Oh yeah, crabby!

It is somewhat like an addiction, my hiking and exploring with Morris. My need to ride is also explainable this way.
If I don't ride for several days, I begin to have 'withdrawals'. Really ~~
I do.

I get short tempered and out of sorts.
Going 'out to play' is not just a whim, it has become a must.

Hard to explain the need.
Except for when you stop and see incredible sights like these:
...and head up non existent trails with your best pal...

Tonight the National Weather Service is predicting torrential rains and possible flash flooding along with mud slides [eeeks!!].
Coming home in the morning might be adventurous.

What could be more interesting than to go down by the creek and see what Mother Nature has stirred up?

I guess I'll know, if I

Get Out to Play tomorrow.

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