Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I missed her! by Morris

SHE went away.
And don't think I didn't know it was coming.

SHE had taken out her little traveling bag and set it discreetly on the couch, then put her 'stuff' in it.
SHE then packed her camera bag.
I knew it was serious stuff then.
But SHE did not pack my leash.

When SHE drove away, I went into my crate and laid down. I was not going to eat, drink, or potty, until she came back. SHE did not take me. I was very sad.

HE seemed kinda sad too.
So we both bummed around, waiting.
My toys didn't even seem interesting.
SHE was not there to laugh at my antics when I tossed them around the room.
So I left them be.

HE repeatedly asked if I wanted to 'go out'. I'd head for my crate and lay in it.

Can you imagine the joyous sound of her Cavalier's engine coming down the driveway? I started barking and spinning wildly.
HE started yelling at me, but secretly I think he would have run around and spun also ...

if he could.

I am quite joyous as SHE has returned, .. the dishes are getting washed, the house cleaned, and most important of all...

I am getting fed on TIME.

I sure did miss HER!


  1. Loyalty! There are those dogs that occasionally have one main person in their life .... you and Morris seem to fit that description.
    Many years ago (about 2 dogs ago) I had a Spaniel-mix named Osa May. During the year that I was away on that sailboat trip and I left her with my mother/next door neighbor. Osa May laid in the driveway every day waiting for me to return. My mother couldn't believe it. I'd have to say that the day I returned she turned inside-out with excitement!
    It's a good thing that Morris only had to wait a few days! Now he's a happy boy again!

  2. It is odd as usually Morris is an 'everybody' dog.
    But perhaps the older he gets the pickier he is.

    I've had Xena and Missy who were devastated and refused to eat while I were gone.
    Xena was a terrier [read terror mix] and Missy was a lab mix.

    How fortunate I am to have such loyal animals!
    Mules included!

  3. Sadly loyalty seems to be less highly regarded among humans these days in both work and relationships. We could all learn from dogs.

  4. I know the feeling. The way you wrote this was very sweet. Morris is a happy puppy.