Friday, June 18, 2010


The forecast said thundershowers possible for the evening.

I had to go to the river for a union I said to hubby, *Do you feel like a break and heading down to the river with me and do some shore fishing?*

These are magic words. Generally he will drop anything and head out for a day or afternoon of fishing.

I attended the meeting while hubby busied himself by reclining in the driver's seat of the car and taking a cat nap.

We headed over to the Stoddard Spillway and decided to try our luck.
What we got was a rain squall that left us soaking wet.
However, all was not lost.
We decided to head to the Power Plant where I work and fish off the bank just south of it. We received permission to park on an access road and walk down to fish off the shore near the coal barges.

Normally one would not think this a very scenic or nice place to fish.
But it was.
We saw evidence of hundreds of recent turtle egg hatches in a small sandy stretch of the shore.

I began to toss in my hook...into the glass like calm water.
The skies were amazing.

The evening clouds and skies put on a fabulous show for us while we wordlessly tossed our fishing lines into the river.

It was calming and relaxing.
As a bonus, we caught enough pan fish to make a nice meal.

As the night settled in, we watched a Mayfly hatch.
The Mississippi River is an amazing place.


  1. Val...there were some amazing skies this week! And you found them...great shots.