Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Big Creek

*Pressure howls, 'No Fair', when she finds out that Morris, Happy, and Crazy are going on an adventure to the Big Creek.* ~~Excerpt from The Big Creek, a book written for my Grandchildren.

I must admit that working with animals, stuffed toys, and Morris has proven to be somewhat of an interesting challenge.

Yet making the story books for the Grandchildren is very satisfying and fun.
The story usually stems from a Grandchild visit.

When we take the Grandkids on a walk or little hike around our woods or pastures, I take the 'adventure' they had and create a story based on it.

This way the Grandchildren can relate to the story with Morris and his toys. Of course including the farm animals that they know and love always adds a personal touch for them.

I'm surprised at how good all of these live actor 'animals' have been for helping me create this little story book.

If I could draw, I'd probably illustrate it, but working with the camera has been more fun. My husband sometimes wonders if I've lost my marbles.

But I know how much the kids loved their books last Christmas...
so I guess I'm not that crazy after all?


  1. I volunteered for an equine therapy program when we lived in Arizona. I took the annual Christmas photos with the clients and the horses. We used stuffed toys that made noises. The most hilarious reaction came from the stick horse that whinnied!! Have you ever tried something like that ... horses/mules either love it or hate it, but you will get a reaction.
    When you finish this years book I hope that you'll post it.

  2. Yes I will post it~ I have to have it done so the kids can have it for Christmas.

    I could only imagine a reaction to a stick horse like that!

    Morris is really good about being a model, I get lucky and he ends up doing things I'd like him to do!