Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hello Virginia

I seriously think my brother and his wife here in Virginia are trying to 'off' me.

Okay...I'm kidding.

My first evening here, they wined and dined me.

This morning my sister in law asked if I'd like to go for a jog with her.
Well, I do want to get back into shape, so I agreed.

We did 'run' nice and easy. I do know that I earned the copious amounts of sweat running down my t-shirt.
But it sort of felt good.

After a shower and a change into clean clothes, they asked if I'd like to go on a little hike in the mountains.

We got on the Blue Ridge Parkway and went to 'Humpback Rocks'.
Really, truly, that is the name of the place.

What they forgot to tell me was how tough an uphill hike it was.
Slippery, wet, gorgeous, and beautiful.

We hiked through an old canopy forest to get out onto Humpback Rock. It was one of those hikes that made your legs ache and thighs burn.
But, worth every step.
[did I mention tough??]

I kept lagging behind because I found so many cool things to photograph.
Then we arrived.

We climbed down onto the rocks and peered out over the valley and the Blue Ridge mountains.
I was speechless [and it wasn't from being out of breath from the climb].

...Then my brother decided to have a little fun...and
throw me off the rock.

We hammed up for the camera.

Afterwards; we went to The Blue Mountain Brewery in Rockfish Valley for beer and a pizza.

I'm tired tonight.
And I wonder what sore muscles I'll have in the morning.

It sure is fun visiting with my brother and my sister in law....

As long as they don't kill me with all this fun!


  1. What a nice surprise to get a little mini tour of Virginia. What a beautiful area. There is so much of this country that I am unaware of and want to see some day.
    I think that you more than earned that beer and pizza! How do the legs feel today?

  2. they feel good! i am going on another hike today!
    happy feet, happy camera!


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