Thursday, November 12, 2009

Puppy gets a name~busy day!

It was a rather busy day for me yesterday.
Dottie got her name.
Dottie got introduced to Morris and they had supervised 'playtime', which went very well as Morris was such the gentleman.
He set the play rules right away...and then allowed her to knock him down and tackle him.

Morris is such an interesting Jack Russell.

Then it was onto the woods...

Morris, Badger, and I rode into the back valley.

I used my Wintec 2000 saddle and was extremely comfortable in it~we went up and down some pretty steep hillsides and across some pretty 'gnarly' ravine crossings.

I was pleased with the comfort of the saddle and the fact that it didn't move around [no crupper or breast collar!].

We saw a most magnificent old buck, and strolled the forest and creeks bottoms.

Until dark, I practiced my shooting course. I was extremely satisfied with my results.
Today I go to the Range and shoot the State Qualification Course.

The next 5 days are going to be hectic with my oddball work schedule. So I tried to jam all my fun into one day.
Did I get it done?
I certainly hope so!

PS: Morris was TIRED!


  1. Good company, good weather, all packed into one short day ...what more could one ask for .....
    Hope your hectic week passes quickly, and Good Luck with your qualification course!

  2. I'll probably either brag or cry on my next post...LOL!

  3. I saw a buck last night on the way hone from work, but my picture did not turn out. Haha. You have the most fantastic pictures.

    I love your name for the puppy. He looks like a real gem. My farrier has a Jack Russell and my Australian Sheppard mix doesn't like him. My dog is part border collie. She is a great dog and my only companion since I am a widow since Febrary.

    Don't we just love riding those mules. My County is a great mule and we are going on the Morman Trail ride across Nebraska and Wyoming in June. I may have to resign. I am a RN and I might be able to get another employment if push comes to shove.

  4. my job was supposed to be part time~~weekends only with ONE day a week.

    I have never seen that.