Saturday, July 18, 2009


Pre dawn is a special time. The robins are just begining to sing their songs. I am sleepy eyed and stumbling around the house trying to pull on my polertec riding pants as it is 48 degrees outside.

I put on a regular sweatshirt and then a thermal sweatshirt, zap a cup of old coffee in the microwave and stir in some 'goop' to make it taste better.

I can see the sliver of the moon peeking between the clouds.
This is insane.
Getting up this early before I go to work, just for a short ride to watch the sunrise. isn't, not in my mind.
I love sunrises [some days I am asleep before sundown].

I slide out the back door and give a stern HUSH to the hound dogs who stir lazily in their dog houses...they are but black shadows.

I call softly:

Out of the pre-dawn darkness comes the bay gelding who is one of the loves of my life.
He makes some sort of mulish knickering noise.

I open the gate and slide a bridle on him. I lead him to an overturned bucket in the driveway ~~ and scramble on his 15 hand body. He is warm, which is nice, because I can see my breath in the semi darkness.

I nudge him with my dew wet 'endurance' lace up boots and we head up out of our valley 'pocket' towards the ridge.
Badger knows what is expected of him.
We've done this before.

I have a need to ride... a need to see and photograph the sunrise.
I'm willing to sacrifice an hour of rest for it.

And Badger?
He doesn't mind.

We get to the ridge top and stop. He is happy standing still [and he is keeping me warm].
We wait...and wait.
At 5:40AM the sun is supposed to break the horizon.
I know, I've checked the weather site for our area.

Two white tail deer walk lazily across the darkened gravel road in front of us.
The robins are singing their good morning song.
A Wood Thrush trills in the timber.

All is peaceful.
All is well.

And I get several photos.

I pat Badger's neck and we head back down the steep driveway.

I can't think of a better way to start the day.

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  1. Holy cow are you riding bareback? I haven't ridden bareback since I was a teenager. It's much quicker than having to tack up but I have equilibrium problems and bareback is just not an option for me. Love the pics of the sunrise. Was worth the effort!!!


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