Saturday, July 04, 2009

4th of July Parade in Folsom

My wonderful daughter Stepanie decided to join me on my 4th of July Parade through Folsom Township.

I cannot tell you how much fun we had. This would be a 'girl' thing, I guess...we had so many giggles and laughs as we walked and trotted the back roads of Folsom.

We passed 8 residences in 6 miles.

We waved at 43 people in vehicles and yards [yes we counted!]

We encountered 9 dogs.

Welcome to the second annual Folsom Parade
which by the way
doubled in popularity since last year...

I just may have something going here!


  1. Thanks for the colorful 4th Of July parade post Val. You'll have to see if that mule of yours would carry a flag...maybe next year.

  2. What wonderful pictures. Sounds like you girls had fun. I'm so glad your daughter chose to ride with you. Love the patriotic dress. You girls ROCK!! My mule would carry a flag about 3 to 4 feet really fast until I dropped it. Gotta work on flags and dragging things. Scary!!!!!!!!


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