Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sunshine of my heart

This is Sunshine, daughter to Cheyenne who just had 'Sundance' on June 5th.

As you can see, she is a pretty special little mule. Both my husband and I ride her and she has 'earned' the right to carry our Grandson Dennis. She is short, about 56" or a tad bit less. But that makes her easy to get on and easy to get off.
Plus you can duck under tree branches.

So imagine my horror last night as I walked out to watch the hose fill the water tank in the meadow and I saw Sunshine desperately trying to walk.
It looked at first like she'd

I screeched out my husband's name [I am not a screecher by nature].
I kept hollering.

He went out to her and we quickly decided that she needed to come in out of the pasture and get up by the buildings so we could look her over.

Something strange and even more horrible happened. Three mares that are her pasture mates came charging at Sunshine, teeth bared and ears back. Sunshine tried to run from them and crashed face first into the ground ...and rolled.

If I'd had my pistol, I'd have been shooting at some horses. Her molly pasture mates stood by and watched curiously.

I was sure she had a broken leg. After talking to the vet and the farrier, they think she probably has an abscess in her hoof.

We were not able to find evidence of one, but did find a tender spot.
Sunshine is now inside in a large stall.
You'd think she'd be happier getting no hassle and nice bedding.

Typical mule.
She loves having her people around and absolutely puts up a fuss when we leave.

Epsom salt soaks are on the list right now with some bute for pain.

She's feeling good enough to paw at the stall door lightly with her 'lame' foot when she feels that she ought to be fed.

We are in the wait and see mode right now.

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  1. Hopefully it's be something simple, and Sunshine will rally with all that special attention. She looks like a real sweet mule.


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