Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A perfect day

Our perfect day started when 'run around' Sue came home. [she was found on a neighbor's porch eating catfood...some hounds have NO discriminating tastes!]

Sunshine was standing in the rain softened pasture on ALL 4 legs...I think as it dries she'll be sore again. [she still is going to the vet's on Friday]

We did a trip to town, had lunch out, and spent the afternoon working with mules. I worked with Siera and Rich worked with Dyna. [no pics of Dyna, as she was inside the shed and I was outside with Siera][this is Siera practicing patience]

After supper, we saddled up [Opal and Badger] and went for an evening ride. My goal of course besides riding was to get some fantastic shots of the sunset.
We stopped at our favorite berry patch and to our amazement something VERY large had been through it.
We wondered if it was the local bear.

We rode down through the back valley and did some bush whacking. Then out onto the ridge top to watch Mother Nature put on a show for us.
I wanted a silhoutte shot of my hubby and we did that.

Then it was down into the 'first' valley and up through the dense brush and undergrowth towards home.

I think I was glad that I couldn't see some of what we were going through! It was getting very dark and I was more concerned about dodging branches than anything else.
Ruts? Washouts? Rocky ravines?
All in a night's ride of course.

Neither mule spooked when 3 turkeys 'rained' down on us from their night roosts!
True to our mule's good sense of what is going on around them...the turkeys didn't even warrant as much as a flick of the ear.

Not even when two bedding bucks jumped and ran in front of us ... did the mules react.

What can I say, it was one of those perfect days.


  1. Even if it hadn't been the perfect day prior to that sunset shot, that shot would have made it one. Very nice!!

  2. Thanks, any day riding, is just about perfect in my book.

  3. Nice pic of hubby and mule. I wanna ride on that ridge!!


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