Friday, July 03, 2009

Bugs~Bugs and July

This morning my hubby said we should catch up a couple of molly mules and take a morning tour to check out the wild berry status.

OH, yeah, I jumped on that one!

I finished my morning coffee and sped out the door to assist with chores, then headed to the 'Molly Meadow'...also known as the girls' pasture.

I whistled and banged on the gate.
Mica and Sunshine showed up first and I caught them.

With my heart doing a little happy dance, I led the mules over to our horse~mule trailer and tied them up.

[by the way Sunshine is the new foal's half sister...same mom, different Jack...she is also Badger's half sister!]

I brushed Mica's silvery grey coat and then did Sunshine 'the good little red mule'.

Then I ran inside and mixed up my super secret homemade potion of fly spray.

Generic brown listerine
Witch Hazel
Noxzema ~~ the kind that comes out in a squirt bottle
Apple Cider Vinegar
Oil Essentials of:
Lemon Grass
A dab of Dawn liquid dish soap [blue]
...and a few drops of Premetherin [for quick knock down of the flies]

I must say this concoction works pretty darned good on the mules and it is cheaper than buying any brand of horse fly spray. It works just as good as the costly stuff.

I also rub Mentholatum ointment on the ears when the deer flies are bad ... you have to re~apply, but it does work!

Well after a spray down we headed out in the deep woods. Riding Sunshine~~ who is just a hair under 14 hands is a delight, but we stirred up the skeeters big time going through the dew damp brush and weeds. Some of the burdocks were taller than Sunshine and I!!!

Finally we got out in the valley and met up with some 4 wheelers where we sat and talked.
After heading up the old ridge road, we scoped out the berry patches ohhhhhh, they were bountiful!

We made it back home just in time for the Grand kids to show up.
After playing with the kids all day I had to take a nap so I can go on duty at midnight.

Tomorrow I invited my stepdaughter to join me on my parade.
Gosh, before I knew it, my solo parade has doubled in one year...from one person to two!

Maybe next year I can bribe another rider to go along with us!
Happy 4th.

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  1. Happy 4th to you too! Great post! Thanks! Greetings from Sweden


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