Thursday, June 01, 2023

The Early Hiker...

Gets wet feet...

Actually the early hiker avoids the heat and enjoys things that generally most others don't see on a regular day hike.


Fog wraps the morning
In a soft and silent hug
A gift from the skies

 I knew I'd get wet feet but it was only a 3 mile hike and part of it would be on an old road. Part of it would be mowed and part of it would be mostly dirt.

The sun came up just as Charlie and I hit bridge # 13. It is a historical bridge and it one of the few remaining original bridges through the valley.

Picture from 2022:

The view at sunrise....with mists coming off the water.

We made great time enjoying the cool air [50 degrees F!] and birdsong.

Charlie and I got to the first turn off at this Ho Chunk Bridge.

This trail was nicely mowed but my boots still got wet from the dew.

We turned before the second Ho Chunk bridge at Indian Creek and headed up into the pines.

The equine trail joined the all use trail and this coyote was out enjoying the trail also.

Multi use trail means we all share the trail! No, I wasn't afraid for Charlie at all. I yelled out good morning to the coyote and he/she took off to the west through the tall grass and into the forest.

We entered the last let of the trail which goes through a thick forest.
A beam of morning light lit up this geranium.

It was pretty neat walking through the deep forest with the morning light shining through in places. The leaves look fresh and happy with the sunlight...

I felt fresh and happy.

I always stop at this Maple Tree when I hike this trail. I have tried time after time to get a shot of it. The tree is simply stunning and will stop a person in their tracks...if they appreciate trees.

I think this may be the winner. It looks magnificent with the morning light coming through the forest at an angle.

Charlie and I headed down the slope and hiked back along Cty P to where I'd parked.

Section # 10 and Section # 33 could now be marked off from the map.

3. 29 mile in 1 hr 36 minutes. We didn't hurry and we stopped for a snack. We enjoyed the hike as it was still cool when we got back to the car.

I do really love summer mornings!


  1. Anonymous9:40 AM

    I am tired reading about all that you do! Why you need to go work out somewhere is beyond me! Lori. Gorgeous photos!!!

    1. Awww Lori, it is because I need to keep my balance and mobility up! If I didn't work out, I couldn't do these things I love so much! I carry about 10 to 15 lbs also on all of our hikes.

  2. You captured the morning light beautifully!
    That is indeed an amazing tree.

    1. Thanks. I sure think so and I generally introduce others to it whenever I can! :)

  3. The tree looks like a mythical creature! I keep saying it, you live in a stunning place.

    1. I stop and pay homage to it each time I walk by. This is part of the Kickapoo Valley Reserve and not far from Wildcat Mountain State Park. All incredible places!

  4. Ohhhh, that geranium!! A photographer seeing pockets of unique natural highlights in nature, is like finding a treasure. It's surreal!

    I hope you scooped Charlie up when you saw the coyote. Yikes! Not a fan. No sea of trilliums? I like the tree :) If only they could talk...

    1. The Trilliums would have been done, but the geraniums were beautiful along with the blackberry flowers.
      I did for a few minutes, the coyote took off when I told him loudly "Good Morning Wile---ley!"

      That tree, it is just so humbling!

  5. You really love that walking! Charlie, too.

  6. That is an impressive tree! You caught some great early morning light!


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