Wednesday, June 07, 2023

The Big Meet up of Pets

There was quite the build up to Charlie and Twila meeting for the first time. We were not exactly sure what to expect.

When I pulled up to Eddie and Megan's house, Eddie and Twila were at the gate waiting for us.
Charlie sniffed through the gate and so did Twila. 

We opened the gate and let Charlie in. Charlie glanced at Twila and then ignored her.

The Big Meet was as exciting as watching paint dry.

Twila pictured below, was more interested in my toy tossing abilities. Charlie was more interested in exploring the yard. [He is the little black blob in the back].

We went to the Triple 4 so Eddie could show me around his land he'd purchased years ago. He and Megan plan to build their home on this land not too far from where they live now.

Here you can see Charlie's size compared to Miss Twila. 

The dogs became best buddies very quickly.

Charlie got to meet Aldo. He is one of Megan's cats. Around home, all the cats we see are feral cats.
Aldo doesn't seem to understand he is a cat at all. 

Charlie had no idea what to do. He just stood next to the cat that was taller than him and let Aldo sniff him. Twila was something he could deal with. Aldo? He had no idea.


Elenore hid from us most of the time, but I got to meet her finally on Sunday morning.

Perhaps Aldo told her about his early morning cuddle with Charlie and I. Ever have a cat come and sit on your chest to wake you up???

Maybe he told her that we weren't dangerous. I'm convinced that Aldo has no idea he is supposed to be a cat.

For a birthday present I got a Lego Minifigure! I was so happy! Now Acorn Guy...

can meet with ...

Acorn Girl!

My weekend was wonderful. I can be happy just watching the dogs play in the yard and reading a book on my son's deck. Or taking a walk along the lakefront ...

We took a guided night hike at Hawthorn Hollow, walked the beach, watched the Kit Festival, and took the dogs for a Sunday walk at a new favorite park called Poerio Park which I never knew existed. Kenosha has so many great places to go.

The puppers were worn out by the time I decided to head back home. 

Whew! It was in the 70's when we left. When I got home, it was 92 and stinkin' hot.

Charlie and I put one more K-town visit behind us. 

We will look forward to more adventures and chillin' on the patio watching Aldo in the Catio. [A cool outdoor cat patio!]

One more shot of Twila.

What a beauty!


  1. What a great get away for you! I am so glad you went! Twila is a beauty...glad she was friendly to Charlie:)

    1. Twila is a super sociable dog which is an opposite of my son's former dog. She is a happy animal.

  2. She is a beauty. This sounds like a happy, relaxing visit.It surprises me each time I realize how short Charlie is! I'm happy everyone got along well.

    1. Shhhh, don't tell Charlie he is so little! He has no idea. Twila was a gracious host as was Aldo.

  3. Awww, what a sweet kitty. A perfect relaxing birthday weekend, and with good company!!

    1. Aldo is pretty cool for a cat. He was so nice to Charlie who was so unsure of what to do.

  4. What a great visit. It sounds like you got caught up with your family. Both dogs and a cat are all cute.

  5. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time away. Watching these animal family members hang out sounds like a great way to spend your time, too. I am glad you got a chance to breath.

  6. Happy birthday! So nice to have a getaway. For us a getaway is usually for a family funeral or maybe a wedding, though the last wedding was 8 years ago.
    Aldo looks very self assured. And yes I have had cats on my chest to wake me up!


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