Saturday, November 23, 2019

What to do on a rainy day

The weather was warm but promised to do nothing but get colder as the day went on.

I'd run my errands to town, ran into someone from CrossFit while shopping.
Then in another isle I ran into one of my neighbors who I had not seen in a while.
He inquired about Rich and how was he doing? Then he said "I should really come over and visit with him."
I answered that he'd like that very much.

I run into people and they inquire. They all then say how they 'should' come and visit. This is the one thing that really can brighten my husband's days and I do mention that.
And yet nobody comes or really calls. I do say that Justin often stops in to talk with Rich when he comes to grab some hay out of the shed or something like a post pounder.

It wasn't turning out to be a very good day.
Some days get to be like that.

I was tired of staying inside and doing 'much of nothing' so I walked out and whistled to Sunshine.

After all Gun Deer Season starts on Saturday and that keeps me from wandering the woods like I love to do.
I decided to ride. Even though it was a bit mucky and it was raining/snowing.

I worked on some graphic art too.

Later on that.

Sunshine and I had a blast. She has come into her own and is surely my go to mule in bad weather and bad footing.
She is a champ, just like her mom was.

Perhaps I should reconsider my thoughts of training Sundance.

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  1. Anonymous7:12 PM

    I like that phrase ‘doing much of nothing’. :). It was great that you could get out for a ride.


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