Friday, October 11, 2019

One year later...

CrossFit, what has it done for me in one year?

I've tried to be true to workouts, I admit I've missed them for one type of reason or another.

But more often than not I do make them. Well, except for those 3-4 weeks after getting attacked by a fan in the middle of the night...

What has changed?

My attitude towards exercise has changed. At one point I thought I could stay in great shape by hiking hills
and doing physical labor.
I realize that the intense work outs have changed my overall health from good to

Less than two years ago, my doctor had said that my blood pressure was nearing a point of intervention with medication.
My blood pressure is fantastic and the results were pretty evident only after a couple of months of working out.

I always thought I was in pretty good shape. After all, I do hike and walk.
Yesterday I went on a hike to a place I hadn't been to in two years. I walked up a steep hill with my dog in tow and was rather surprised at how easy the hill was. In fact I stopped at the top and looked back.
Really? Was this the same hill that I huffed and puffed up the last time?

What is better?

Two years ago I was diagnosed with some fairly significant arthritis in my hands. The thumb joints were bad enough that physical therapy made a brace for me. I was given mobility exercises.
When I started with CrossFit, I still had issues with my hands.

Oh, CrossFit didn't cure me. However, I have a much better grip now than two years ago. I can actually do a handstand, not for long, but I can do it.

I can now do pull ups with a band from the rig. For real. I can.
My hands have good grip and my shoulders feel unbelievably strong.

My legs have always been strong, at least I thought so.
Squats, Goblet squats, lunges, running, box jumping, ... and jumping rope have all increased my endurance and strength.

My balance has improved. Except when attacked in the middle of the night by a Killer Fan of course.

My mental attitude has improved.

I can do chores at the farm so much easier.
Pounding fence posts.
Moving logs off from fences.
Physical labor is welcomed and not feared.

I have made so many wonderful new friends at CrossFit.
Everyone I have worked out with have always been positive
and supportive.

What is worse?

I don't think this is really 'worse' but I had to add this here.

When I was in college I could run a 5:50 mile.
I ran a 9 minute mile as part of a workout.

Hmmm, wait. When I ran that mile at a college meet I was 19.
The 9 minute mile was when I was 63. Ok, there is a 44 year difference.
Not...worse. But I think I can improve that time.

So there is no 'worse'.

What have I learned?

I have learned to use my core muscles. I never understood how important
this was.

I have actually learned how to do a back squat the right way!
I learned that an EMOM is not 'E-mail your mom', it is
Every Minute on the Minute.

WOD is not a wad of Red Man in a farmer's cheek.
It is Workout of the Day.

A Box is not something from Amazon.
It is a barebones gym.

A cat's name?
No, but I'm still not exactly sure on that. I think it is a mix up of things we do for warm ups. Tabata can be intense.
I still think it would be a cool cat's name.

Sumo Dead Lift?
I like this move.
It is hard to describe but now that I understand it, I call it the 'Tire Lift'.
Excellent method to picking up discarded farm tires and stacking them up.

Goblet Squat?
I like this one too. I pretend that the Kettle Bell is a Goblet of

Double Unders?
I wish I could do these.
The jump rope goes under you twice on one jump.
I just smack myself.
I'll get it one day!

What is next?
The best part of this is I can continue to compete against myself and strive to
make my life better. I've found myself making healthier meals and healthier choices in my life.

Here is to many more years of CrossFit.


  1. yeah for cross Fit and you! You do so much physical labor that you have to be in good shape...I recall how some of the farm stuff was hard for you and now you are breezing along!

  2. Good for you!! Wonderful that you keep improving your fitness and have a great stress relieving time with people who support and encourage you.