Friday, May 31, 2019

Day Dream

Day Dream:
A series of pleasant thoughts
to distract one's attention from the present.

Sometimes on a dreary day, I can go and just find a place to walk around or sit on a rock and daydream. [Well, any day...really.]

My thoughts aren't earth shattering and generally they aren't even about anything important.
Yesterday I was in the valley and I just slowly walked along admiring moss and listening to the creek make noise and the birds sing.

I was surprised at how many birds I could now identify by song alone. I didn't need to see the bird to know which one was singing. It pleased me. I thought about my grandmother Pearl and how she always seemed to know exactly which bird was singing in the woods.

I found myself sitting at the edge of our property and gazing down into the water. My mind took in the shape of the rocks below and the soft silt that covered them. I listened to a Warbler, a Wren, and an Oriole.
And I day dreamed of nothing but just the noises and the feel of the forest and the creek.

I found tiny things that interested me and of course had to stop and take photos.

Little fungi in all sorts of stages, from start to finish.

 I just loved the way these had tipped and set up.
I'd photographed them a week ago when they
were just 

Coral Fungi. I don't recall seeing them 
this early in the year before, but maybe
I just haven't noticed.

Jacob's Ladder. 
so delicate looking.

Columbine. Wild and plentiful.
I never have been able to grow them
in my gardens.
So be it. 
I can find them in 
the woods.

So maybe I'll go back and do some more daydreaming. It's nice.

I think it is a good idea.

The Day Dreaming Pool

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  1. What a lovely break for you! I am envious of knowing bird song...I know a few but not many:)