Saturday, October 17, 2015

Winds, leaves, dust, and killing frost.

This morning we had the 'killing' frost that usually is here by the first weekend in October.

Over the past two weeks we've had windy dry weather.  Everywhere we have been dealing with dust.
Driving down the gravel road is an adventure in dust.  If you wash your vehicle, it is covered again just by driving the one mile required to get to the black top road.
 The mules are enjoying the cool mornings and the cool evenings.  They have been chasing each other and playing King of The Hill.

The trees that have been protected by the wind still have their leaves, but not for long.
These are hickory trees behind the large shed.

The last big blazes of color were at the beginning of the week before the big winds hit.
This was a view from Mundsack road on my way to work Monday morning.

Today I'm going to head up to Wildcat Mountain State Park and do some hiking.

I don't expect to find great colors but I hope to be able to see the beautiful rock formations that will now be more obvious because most of the leaves are down.

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  1. I sent you a private post.... I try and get you hooked to my calendar so you can see what my schedule looks like. Aside from being absolutely nuts.


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