Thursday, October 22, 2015

Take it away

I haven't had a cold in ... well I don't recall how long.  It has been ages. However I felt one creeping up on me Tuesday and this morning it has blown in like a sweeping monstrous storm.

Normally my immune system is pretty darned tough and doesn't even acknowledge a cold.  But apparently not this time.
Of course I also have another part of me that has an infection going on so I imagine my system has had a 'failure'.  
I started drinking some tea to and taking vitamins two days ago to stave off this cold.

Alas.  I think I need a re-boot of my entire system.

The Tea.  It is called Throat Coat and is supposed to help with sore throats. I took a sip and decided if I could put up with the awful taste of licorice, I could survive the cold and sore throat.

Vitamin C.  I don't have problems with that at all.   Chewable and yummy.

However my hubby is getting it too.  I know he doesn't feel well when he announced this morning that he wasn't going to an auction that he was looking forward to. 
He is coughing and blowing his nose.

Yesterday, I cleaned the old wooden soda box I'd found in the garage.  I used Murphy's Oil soap first and scrubbed it, then used some Oxi-Clean to further remove dirt.
It went from this:

To this:

I love the color that came through!
I intend on making it into a spice rack for the new kitchen after the remodel.

This used to be a crate for Hill Billy Soda that was made in Richland Center.

I can't wait to see what my dynamite box will look like when it is cleaned up.

I know there is a big fun move to decorate your house with 'repurposed' items.  I don't find it that strange, as I've always loved using old crates for odd things.
After all, do you remember my Christmas Chair?

Well I'm drinking my Slippery Elm Tea and getting ready to go outside and do chores.
We had a frost this morning and some beautiful low fog.

However, I didn't feel well enough to go out and take photos.

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