Tuesday, October 13, 2015


As fall quickly tries to fade with the huge winds of yesterday and today, I start seeing bare trees.  The frost has turned the squash leaves in the garden to an ugly dead looking brown.

So I try to not think of what I call 'the boring brown month of November' and look for odd things to do on cold windy days.

If I have a few moments to myself early in the morning, I decide to delve into some editing to amuse myself before going out to do chores.

This creepy looking abstract was made first in JWildfire then run through Google's Dreamscope.  I layered the original over the Creepy Copy and brought back some of the fractal.

There is no practical reason for doing this other than to occupy my mind with some strange art in the morning.  And to get my creative juices going.

I then took a rather very bland photo that wasn't quite in focus from last week's trip out on PeeWee's land and decided to see how far I could 'mess' it up.

I first added a layer I'd made of streaks of color, then overlayed that.  Next I added the Weave Texture and was pretty surprised at how it came out.
Lastly I added a sandstone texture and figured that was enough.

I like it in a way and am tempted to try some other methods, but I see other folks that are so excellent at this that I think I should stay with Graphic Art and with straight photography.

This year my interest has been more in landscapes.  Previously I went through a period of anything small or macro.

The smaller, the better.

In the winter, I am obsessed by black and white photography.

Right now I am desperate to keep trying to catch beautiful shots of the quick fading Autumnal colors.

However there may be a point that I will feel comfortable in 'shooting' people.  I may have to force myself there.

Kids are always easy and fun.  Not so sure about adults and weddings or Senior Shoots in particular.

Who knows, that could become a new phase for me one day.

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