Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hittin' The Road

I think the laundry is done, the bags are packed...Morris is pouting as I didn't pack any of his toys.

I am going on a road trip to Wausau tomorrow. The trip will be the first since hubby's illness was diagnosed and our lives were put on hold for months of treatment.

I think he needs a break from me too.  Although my home cooking may be missed.

Boldly and confidently I made reservations at a Motel not far from Rib Mountain State Park and ski area.
I will have all day Wednesday to be a...lone...
No calls from work, no emails, no chores, no housekeeping, no medical appointments...just me.
I hope the rain will ease up so I can scout out a trail at Rib Mountain when I get there.  

If not, I will simply luxuriate in being by myself.  
Thursday I was hoping for decent weather so that Lily, Jer, and I could explore some trails.

The weather Friday may be nice enough to take the kids on an easy trail, hopefully we can figure out which one is the paved trail and take a stroller.
If not, we'll wing it.

I think I am ready.

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