Friday, October 23, 2015

Things to do while creepy crud attacks...Graphic Art

Sort of feel like I have a head-full of cotton.  I don't like heads of cotton.

I caught a bug...maybe this is what it looks like:

Nasty slimy icky.

Creeping around in my head making me feel like cotton ball brain.

It makes me listless and think about spending the day in my pajama pants and a sweatshirt.
It makes me dream about going back to bed and pulling the covers over my head.

But I close my eyes and see little nasty 'bugs' that are the cold critters running around in my sleepy brain.
At least these were colorful.

Tea, then more tea.  And then some water, and ahhhh, more tea!

I had to take a break and go clean Siera's feet and check her thrush infection. I worked on her in a light rain and then decided.

Oh let's have some more 'Quiet Time' Tea and take a nap.

Okay so I had a pretty crummy day, but the artwork looks like it came along nicely.  I don't think I've done anything since March like this.

And so off to bed after a Throat Coat Tea and hopefully something less then a cotton head and running nose tomorrow.  My work schedule is unrelenting this weekend.

I think I'll just do some happy dreaming and send this head cold off to the moon.

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