Saturday, July 19, 2014

I have found Siera and she has found me...

Hubby was set up to haul round bales of hay for the day.  I'd gone to the recycling center and grocery shopping...  so I decided to grab a mule ...

I saddled up Siera and decided to go exploring on mule back.
You have to understand.  4 years ago, Badger took me everywhere and anywhere, safely and quietly.  Badger got ill, very ill.  He died of equine COPD 2 yrs ago and ever since I have been searching for an equine I could ride solo out in the woods...all 2,000 acres of it that surrounds me plus the roads safely.

Siera picked me.  Hubby bought her and SHE picked me.  I bought her from Hubby so he could never sell her.

Siera and I have had our training issues.  There has been times when I decided that Siera was NOT it.
That she would not fulfill my needs...

But since last week, it has all started to fall into place.
We've been training together for 5 yrs.  IF anyone ever says they can train a horse or mule in 30 days...okay ... who are they kidding!

Somehow... today... Siera and I hit the 'button'.

WE have figured each other out.  And let me tell you, no two animals are the same.

She and I have finally hit the point where we 'get' each other.  She understands what I want and I understand what she really will do for me.

I rode her twice.
Once in the woods and along trails.
Then I brought her home, but was so enthralled with her that I saddled her up again with an English Saddle and took her out to visit neighbors and check out things that in the past freaked her out.

Today she was the Miracle Mule.  That very same mule who came to me 2 yrs ago when I was so sad.  The very same mule who stood guard over me for a night while I sat in the meadow and cried.

So yes.  This Siera mule will never BE Badger.  But she has taught me that I have a place in my heart for another 'kind' of mule love.
Siera's mule love.

Siera is intense about her people relationships
She will not even acknowledge my husband.  She sees me and no other human.

Tonight when I introduced her to some of the ridge-top neighbors who knew Badger ~~ Siera bowed her head to the kids ~~ then leaned her head into me as if to say.
I can love all of you.

And let me tell you.
Siera made me cry and sing at the same time.

Thank you Siera.  You entered my life when I didn't want you, but loved me unconditionally and helped me overcome the loss of Badger.  [Badger was a mule who only had eyes for me and always was good to the grand kids.  He was something so extra-ordinary that I was sure I'd never find another equine like him.]

Now Siera is showing me how special she can be.
Sure some say it that it is my training.
But I think not.
It is our 'connection'.

If you can connect like I have with Badger and Siera.  Then you will have a once in a life time experience.

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