Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gone Fishin'

A month ago the mechanic who takes care of our cars mentioned a place I could get to by foot to go fishing.
He recommended a spot that he has used often.

Well, I'm usually game for fishing.  I know my hubby loves fishing.  And he doesn't make time to go and fish on his own when I'm at work.
He once said he thought I'd be jealous.  But I think I know better.  I think he just likes someone else along.

I had called him from work Monday night and told him to pick a day...let's go fishing!

The plumbing project was done.  We had a new shower faucet and we can turn the shower on and off from inside the bathroom!  And the tub looks brand new with new caulk and bright fixtures.  If I did't know better, I'd have thought I was in the wrong house.

After two days of getting the mini boat ready, hubby proclaims, "Let's fish!"

I smile.  I have been waiting for those words for two days already.  I'd suggested the river where we could walk to the shore, but he insisted on taking the boat to Jersey Valley.

I toss some things in the cooler and gather some things.  He grabs the car keys and heads out the door.

I stand perplexed.  

He explains that we are going to the river.  I gesture towards the now sparkling boat with a question on my face.
He shakes his head.

"We'll do Jersey Valley this evening."

We find the 'secret' spot and getting down the steep bank to the dyke wasn't easy.  We cross the rail road tracks and nearly slide into the Mississippi backwaters.  The rail road has covered the area with rocks and they are like walking on ice.

Nothing.  I get nothing on my line.  But I'm not bored, I tell hubby that I'm going to explore down a ways.  I climb washed up trees, through some rocks, and look for interesting things.

I find a watersnake and it slithers out of my camera range quickly.

I wander back to where hubby is fishing and he has found a nice HOT hole.  They are biting like crazy.  I climb the washed up tree and sit on it letting the truck of the tree shade me while I watch.

Hubby stops and asks why I am not fishing.  I shrug, then tell him that I can just enjoy watching him.

And I do.

The river was the place to be today.
I guess Jersey Valley is for another day...

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