Thursday, July 17, 2014

Unintentional Photographer

Well, that is sort of what I am.  I am not knocking those who study hard and spend time setting up and composing and recomposing.

Seriously, I don't believe I'll ever be a pro or even make money at my 'hobby'.

But I do enjoy 'seeing' things through the lens and trying to capture beauty.

This morning I left the house at 4:45 and drove to the ridge.
[You cannot see the break of dawn in my hollow.  It can take up to 2 hrs for sunlight to come down here after dawn.]

But there is something magical about watching the sky turn different shades of color and trying to adjust the camera as the light changes rapidly.

This morning was very cold for July.  It was 49 degrees at the time the sun began its appearance.

I enjoyed a nice hot cup of coffee that I put on my hood and watched. The birds singing grew in volume as the sun rose.
Far off a rooster began to crow.

I'd decided to make this trip this morning because the weather surface had warned of valley fog.
I was hoping to see some just below me, but alas, it didn't happen!

However, the moment that the sun did decide to make its entrance, it was breathtaking.

The weeds on the side of the road were full of beautiful dew drops and I was lucky enough to catch the morning reds on a white Ox Eye Daisy.

I know the shot doesn't follow the rule of thirds, or some of the other 'rules' but the light was dim and I balanced the camera as best as possible and grabbed the shot.

Getting up early and using the morning light was worth it.
I think this will be my favorite shot of the morning.

As I started home I did find some fog drifting in.
The shot didn't turn out quite perfect so I edited it to look as though I painted it.

And now it is time to go out and do chores.

I'm not sure what can top my morning, but I'm sure the day will be full of opportunities and some sort of farming adventures.

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