Monday, July 14, 2014

Gone to the Dogs

I asked Morris if he wanted to go for a walk.
Such a silly question!  Of course!

He ran circles around me while I put my camera bag over my shoulder and my hiking boots on.

It was a bit warm and humid so being near the creek and getting into the rocky ravine was nice and cool.

Of course the water was nice and clear for a good drink.

Morris enjoys his 'rocky' kingdom and will spend time just nosing around or sitting with me on a rock.

I was actually pretty surprised that the bugs were not bad at all in the 'dry run'.  It was nice enough to sit on a mossy rock and enjoy the sounds of the woods.
Which we did of course.

We also ate black caps and listened to a warbler.  The breeze above sighed through the trees.

It was a great hike.

When we got back, I had to give Morris a bath.  He also had 'spa' day. I trimmed his nails and groomed him.  He loves being brushed with an equine curry comb.  I must say, it does a great job too.

I decided to give Dixie an outdoor bath.  First we trimmed toe nails and she was very good about it.
Then came the bath.
I got wet, she got wet.  But being the happy hound dog that she is, she took it all in stride and acted happy about it.

I brushed her until she was dry then decided it would be nice to take a walk with her and let her run in the hay field on the ridge.

I thought I'd need a 'choke' collar as it had been a while since we practiced on a leash.
But I was wrong, she never pulled or got silly.

Belle, the spooky dog, followed us to the ridge so when I let Dixie off leash and told her to run and play.

She did.
Belle didn't know what to make of it at first.
But I think she enjoyed it.

After a proper amount of play time, we headed back home and Belle followed close on our heels...just out of human touch.

I feel badly for her knowing someone must have really beat the heck out of her for her to have such a fear of people, yet she is getting closer and closer.

She is my shadow most of the time.

After supper I went out and waited at the mule gate.  Siera came trotting up along with Fred.

I put Fred in an area with nice grass and took Siera out for a 'spin' bareback while hubby did chores.

Then I spent some time with her, letting her graze while I groomed the sun set.

My day really had been complete.  Hikes, dogs, grooming, baths ... all fun with animals.

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  1. A truly lovely day. I love those moss covered rocks, what a great place to hike. Tanner would love it.