Saturday, April 07, 2012

A Perfect Day

What can be better than nice weather and some time to yourself?

I wandered down the the creek bottom and hiked a ways.  I stopped and sat on a moss covered rock and just relaxed a bit.
I saw brook trout, listened to the birds sing.  A blue jay screeched in the distance while a hawk circled over head.

By my feet the creek made a soft song as it ran over the rocks.

I peered down towards the west and found myself rather pleased to see so much greenery for April.

After a time spent relaxing, I hiked up our hill road a bit and found a pleasant surprise.
A black morel mushroom.  Looks like it may be an early season!

Towards evening.  I took Siera out or another 'training' ride.  Her main issue is that she doesn't want to leave home, but once she does, she is...out for a hard fast walk through the woods.

She did an excellent job getting through the ditches and washout...even crossed the creek without hesitation!

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