Saturday, April 28, 2012

Just a bit o' wandering...


So I needed to wander...wander...

back in the woods far away from phones, far away from traffic, and far away from things that may bother me...I hiked.  

My mind had gone blank except for thinking about the beautiful patterns that the plants were making in the forest floor.

I followed Morris around wandering aimlessly and breathing in the wonderful scent of the earth, the dirt, and the new plants.
I was 'supposed' to be hunting morel mushrooms.  Really, was I supposed to be doing something?  

When I got deep into the woods I'd forgotten exactly WHY I was there.  Other than the fact that I was here, in the time and in the moment and no where else.

A cardinal landed on an elm branch and sang, then flitted away.  I heard a wren scold me and it made me smile.  Off in the distance a warbler sang its mesmerizing song.

And I followed Morris who seemed to have a purpose in mind.  And I thought, Why Not?  Why not let the dog lead me where ever?
It was a good choice too, as he led me to some extremely rare and beautiful plants.

I found wild ginger.  I found another plant near it and took note of how plain it was, but recalled seeing it before and ignoring it.


Wild Ginseng.  [Sorry, I didn't photograph it!]

Lordy, I hit the mother lode of cool plants.  Because I chose to wander and not care where I went.  I followed a dog who may or may not have had a purpose.  And I found cool stuff.
And then I found my new office!

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