Monday, April 02, 2012

The Great Escape

Thelma looked over at Louise her sister.

Let's dig!  Let's dig under the kennel!  Let's mutilate the fence!  That will teach HER that SHE should be taking us for more walks and not driving off in that stinky car of hers!

Louise thought that was a great idea, so she joined in digging at the kennel fence with her huge puppy paws.

Harder and harder they dug, stopping to bark and admire their work briefly.

Won't SHE be surprised when SHE sees us!  

Thelma agreed, the look on HER face would be wonderful.  Thelma and Louise loved going for walks with her and Morris.  So, if they could get out of the kennel, they could find HER and go for a nice long walk.

Harder they dug, until Louise discovered that she could loosen the wires by biting at them and pawing at them.  Thelma joined her and soon they had a hole.  Thelma squeezed through the hole and she was out.

Come on!  Come on!  Let's run, let's play, let's go find HER!

Louise began to squeeze out.  Uh-oh, her collar seemed to be catching on something.  She pushed and pushed and pulled with her front paws.

The icky collar thing had fallen just outside the fence, but Louise didn't mind.  The two of them were off to have fun.  They chased each other around the big yard.  They chased each other near the electric fence where the funny mules lived.  The mules ducked their heads and stomped their feet.
Thelma and Louise ran away.

Oh look, the other dogs!  They look just like us!  I'm going to go play with them!

Louise ran off towards the big red shed.  Thelma turned her nose to the ground and looked for the faint smell of HER.  Where had she gone too?  Perhaps if she followed the trail that went through the woods she could find HER.

The man came home.  As he walked up to the house he noticed the hound puppies were not in their kennel where they should be and he noticed that the green collar that belonged to Louise was laying on the ground.  He quickly found Louise playing with the adult dogs.

Two hours later, he found Thelma loping out of the woods ... in her big puppy sloppy lope ... and across the 'Merry Meadow'.

He bent down to pet her.
"Where did you go Thelma?" he asked her.  She wagged her tail hard and gave him a goofy puppy dog look.  She was telling no secrets.
Still she was happy to see The man. 

Back in their Louise turned to Thelma.
Where did you go?
Thelma turned around and around in the dog house they shared, looking for a nice spot for a nap.

She winked at Louise.
I went on an adventure!  I followed HER smells until I lost them. 

She sniffed the air and closed her eyes.
I hope SHE stays home soon and takes us for another long walk, right Louise?

But Louise was sound asleep.  No doubt dreaming of the next Great Escape.

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  1. At least they were smart enough to come home....