Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happiness ~ Are you naturally Happy?

A recent study by Harvard Public Health Review says that if you have a positive and Happy Outlook, chances are you may live longer and lower your risk of heart disease and colds!
Okay, I like that!

I've been told repeatedly at work that I have a 'sunny' and 'positive' disposition.  I do try and maintain a positive attitude with my co-workers and at my place of employment.  I can usually transfer that to my home life too.

But I must say that after hours of being a nice, smiling, pleasant, co-operative person...I am tired can be a bit grumpy when I get home.  I sometimes need a bit of time to relax and readjust.
A big smile comes to my face when I start down the long gravel driveway to my place and see Thelma and Louise standing at attention in their kennel tails wagging furiously.
My husband greets me with a smile.  My Jack Russell is so beside himself that he whirls around and whines.
It is good to know that I am welcomed at home.

To find my true happy place and to replenish my happy attitude ... I generally need a hike in the woods to decompress or a ride with one of my mules.  When those things happen, all the troubles and worries of the world seem to float away suspended somewhere else until I am ready to face them again.

Try a positive outlook on things.  A simple smile can change someone else's day and make your heart healthier too.

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