Saturday, February 18, 2012

Something Special

I've been pretty lucky in all my life to have animals that seem to bond quickly to me.  The bonds we share last a lifetime.
The farrier stopped yesterday and did some trimming.

I brought Badger out and he asked how the ol' fella was doing.
Actually, Badger was doing very well.  His respiration rate was down and he seemed completely comfortable.

Of course the temps were in the 40's and there was a cooling breeze.  Unusual weather for the middle of February indeed.

After the farrier left, I walked outside to feed the puppies, Thelma and Louise.

Badger stood at the electric gate and gave a small whinny.

It seemed.
He was asking for attention.
I grabbed his halter and lead rope.
He pushed Opal out of the way.

Badger and I were going on a ride.

There is something very comforting in having an equine buddy who knows what you want to do before you even do it.
A mule who anticipates your direction in the forest and who can find a trail that you cannot see.

Badger is such an animal.  He will even pause when he knows I want to take a photo.

We rode the ridge road and visited the neighbors.  

The wind was harsh on the ridge so we returned and 'dove' into the forest and followed a slippery deer trail down the north side of a hill.
Badger picked his way carefully.

Our ride was slow.  [Badger never really is in a hurry.]
And he did well.

Blessed are the mules who take our hearts and hold them dear.


  1. Glad Badger had a good day. Sounds like a wonderful ride. You are indeed a lucky lady!

  2. He is extremely special!


  3. nsnichols1:26 PM

    What a gift, indeed.

  4. Badger sounds wonderful! I hope my mule gang and I can share such wonderful times together, they really do know how to read our minds if we let them :-)

  5. Great way to spend time with Badger.


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