Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Catchin' Up

It has been a over a week since I wrote a darned thing. 
Should I say I've been busy?
Yes, sort of.
First let's celebrate Valentine's Day!  What did I receive?  Nothing, but that matters not.  I consider Valentine's Day pretty over-rated as far as things go.
Love should be shown every day between people, not just on a 'Hallmark Card' Day.
I once sent flowers to myself when I worked at a large office.
Two separate bunches of a dozen Roses!

My co-workers were impressed to no end.
I loved the private [yet expensive joke].
Last Thursday, I noticed that Morris was not feeling well.  He was [well ick...], urinating blood.
After a big rush to the Vet's office and an attempted exam~~ of which Mr. Morris was NOT co-operative at all we came home with meds.
The DX was a possible bladder infection, possible kidney stones, or prostrate issues.  Hmmm, dang...male dogs do get prostrate issues!

The weather got bitterly cold and windy.  So I was 'housebound' with a dog that didn't feel himself.
So I got into a program called Daz 3D Studio 4 [free download right now with Bryce Pro 7!] and messed around.
I came up with a few things.

Okay bizarre, but it was fun.

By Sunday Morris was feeling tops and we took advantage of the good weather to go out and play with Thelma and Louise.
Last night I did the chores in the dark while it was snowing.
It was so beautiful.  The hoot owls were busy calling in the woods.
There was no wind and the snow drifted down sparkling like diamonds in my headlamp.

The Dexter cattle's eyes glowed in the light - a bit eerie, but sort of cool too.
Before going inside for the night, I went into Thelma and Louise's kennel and sat in the snow.

I had puppy breath and puppy kisses galore.  They are too big now to fit in my lap, but that doesn't mean they didn't try.
I should remember that I wear glasses and that unfailingly puppies will nearly knock them right off my face ... or perhaps I shouldn't put my head down into theirs and hug them like I do.

I'll probably never learn.

If you like Valentine's Day, I hope you have an excellent one.
I got a hug and a kiss from my favorite guy.

That and an 'I love you' was all I needed.

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  1. Hope that's the end of Morris' issue...sounds like the meds worked.

    Valentine's Day should be simple...perfect.


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